Combining Pharmaceutical and Functional Medicine Approaches in COVID-19

Combining Pharmaceutical and Functional Medicine Approaches in COVID-19

What You'll Learn

  • Risk factors for COVID-19 and the interactions between various pathogens bacteria
  • The four stages of COVID-19 infection and what to expect from patients of varying risk levels
  • The interactions between pharmaceuticals and COVID-19
  • Healthy lifestyle choices that will help a patient overcome or even avoid contracting COVID-19
  • Various treatment options for COVID-19


While naturopathic and conventional practitioners alike have been heavily researching the effects of COVID-19, new information regarding the virus presents itself every day. Hence, the way we care for patients with COVID-19 is regularly changing to better fit their needs. In this course, pharmacist Dr. John Kim will thoroughly review several aspects of the novel coronavirus in order to help you give your patients the personalized care they need when stricken with the virus.

Dr. Kim will go over the stages of COVID-19 infection, from preventing initial infection to recovery. He touches on how to encourage your patients to avoid infection by implementing healthy lifestyle choices. He also describes each stage of COVID-19 infection and how to mitigate each stage through pharmaceuticals, supplements, and behavioral changes that will lessen the effects of the virus.

This course also teaches you about high-risk patients: what is considered high-risk, how to support a high-risk patient, and what other infections could potentially resurface as a result of having COVID-19. It also sheds light on the relationship between certain microbiome and COVID-19, like the correlation between interleukin-6 and the Epstein-Barr virus. The course shows us how the presence of pre-existing hidden pathogens can worsen a case of COVID-19 in order to understand a patient’s individual needs better.

Dr. Kim explains the various forms of treatment for COVID-19, from pharmaceutical treatment to natural remedies. He breaks down the benefits of some essential nutrients and vitamins that help prevent infection or lessen its effects. He also explains the potential depletion of nutrients that has been found to occur when treating some COVID-19 patients with pharmaceuticals. He will also go over other advanced therapeutics to help prevent and manage complex COVID-19 cases, such as outpatient care, ivermectin, oxytocin, and naltrexone.

Please Note: this course was originally recorded for an event held by the Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctors Association; as such, you may hear mention of this event during the presentation. Proceeds from this course benefit the Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctors Association.

Course Content

  • Combining Pharmaceutical and Functional Medicine Approaches in COVID-19 55min


John Kim PharmD, FAARFM is a compounding pharmacist and owner of Robinson Drug & Compounding Center. Dr. Kim specializes in functional medicine, pain management, vector-borne illness (i.e. Lyme Disease and opportunistic infections), autoimmune disorders, and chronic fatigue disorder.

Dr. Kim has been an outspoken expert in managing COVID-19 as an outpatient with early adoption of using hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, low-dose naltrexone, and other therapeutics.

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