Homeopathy for Animals: Full Course

Homeopathy for Animals: Full Course

What You'll Learn

  • The most common homeopathic remedies and what they are helpful for 
  • How to take a homeopathic case for your pet
  • How to evaluate a response when a remedy is given
  • Basic laws and foundational principles of homeopathy
  • Obstacles to cure including environment and diet
  • When to work with a homeopath and/or a holistic veterinarian


In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of how to use homeopathy for your pets! Expert veterinarian and homeopath, Dr. Christina Chambreau, overviews the main principles of how to take a case, common remedies to use, how to evaluate a remedy, and other foundational health aspects you should incorporate into your pet’s life.

Dr. Chambreau begins her set of lessons with a short but highly informative pre-lesson regarding homeopathy basics and terms explained, particularly for all those that are still entirely new to homeopathy. Lessons 1 through 6 cover all you need to know to start incorporating homeopathy into your pet’s life. Dr. Chambreau covers topics such as:

  • Basic laws and foundational principles of how homeopathy can help
  • How to take a homeopathic case and all the ins and outs of this detailed process
  • The most common homeopathic remedies and what they are helpful for
  • Evaluating various responses to remedies and what these mean
  • Obstacles to cure including environment and diet
  • Working with a homeopath and/or a holistic veterinarian

By taking this course, you will gain a deep understanding of the process of taking a homeopathic case, giving a remedy, and evaluating if the remedy helped. Dr. Chambreau focuses mostly on remedies used for acute complaints such as eye issues, digestive issues, heat stroke, injuries, respiratory, and skin and ear issues. She provides plenty of helpful books and resources outside of this course that you should consider reading to gain a deeper appreciation of homeopathy. If you want a foundational course to teach you the basic principles and remedies that are useful for your pets, this course is for you!

Course Content

  • Pre-Lesson (Homeopathy Basics) 17min
  • Lesson 1: Introduction 52min
  • Lesson 2: Case Taking for Animals 1h 10min
  • Lesson 3: Acute Problems 57min
  • Lesson 4: Evaluation of Response to Treatments 31min
  • Lesson 5: Obstacles to Cure 20min
  • Lesson 6: Holistic Vets 23min


Christina Chambreau, DVM, is an internationally known homeopathic veterinarian, lecturer and author. Graduating from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980, she began using homeopathy in her veterinary practice in 1983, and has used primarily homeopathy until 2015 when she began coaching pet parents and matching them to other veterinarians. Currently she is faculty on the Holistic Actions! for Pet Health Academy, based on homeopathic principles.

She is a founder of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and has taught classes in Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Homeopathy for Animals for the lay and veterinary communities. She was on the faculty of the National Center of Homeopathy Summer School for over a decade. She lectures on a wide array of topics from the holistic approach to healing animals to knowing the best approach to heal people & animals in ways that sustain the planet.

Her lectures have included the National Center for Homeopathy, LIGA, Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, Whole Health Now, World Small Animal Veterinary Conference in Prague, American Veterinary Medical Association, Bali Homeopathy Conference, and more. She has spoken and written in all media and is now on the All Paws Pet Talk TV show.

She wrote the Healthy Animal’s Journal (and Healthy Dog Journal and Healthy Cat Journal), Fleas Be Gone, is co-author of the Homeopathic Repertory: A Tutorial and How to Have a Stress Free Wedding.

In 2018 she received the Carvel Tiekert Lifetime Achievement award from the Council of Elders of the American Holistic Medical Association.

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