When Mitochondria Fail: The Physiopathology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When Mitochondria Fail: The Physiopathology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


The cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has been a mystery for decades.  Over the years the clinical definition and treatment of CFS has changed and caused much confusion to patients and medical practitioners alike.  Lack of, or minimal  macropatholgy seen in CFS patients propagates poor patient care, diagnosis, and outcomes.  However, a look at micropathology at the cellular level in CFS patients strongly suggests mitochondrial dysfunction is to be the root cause of severe fatigue in this patient population.  This webinar will discuss how the most current research suggests that the generation of ATP at the cellular level in CFS patients is severly impaired.  We will discuss the evidence for mitochondrial dysfunction as well as the treatments used to improve the production of ATP in CFS patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the symptoms of CFS that suggest mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Understand basic cellular respiration and how ATP is generated
  • Identify possible tests and labs that can be ordered to help identify mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Identify treatments that are helpful for treating mitochondrial dysfunction

Course Content

  • When Mitochondria Fail: The Physiopathology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 45min


Beth Cleavenger (PharmD) is a 2012 University of Montana Pharmacy School graduate. She was born and raised in Montana and moved to Arizona in the summer of 2012 to start her pharmacy career. It was this move that would change her life, her health, and the direction of her career forever. In pharmacy school Beth was taught to believe the lie that alternatives to conventional medicine were simply unnecessary and unreliable. She was led to believe that the only medicine and treatments patients could trust were rooted in clinical guidelines and FDA approved drugs. Ironically, after battling a “mysterious” chronic illness for four years it was naturopathic medicine that had saved her life.

Beth was halfway through pharmacy school when her health began to dramatically decline and she wholeheartedly embraced the medical wisdom she thought she had gained. Over the course of three years she went to 7 physicians and 3 specialists only to be dismissed as “normal”. Beth was hopeless, desperate, and on the verge of needing a medical leave of absence from her job. Realizing that she had nothing else to lose, Beth made an appointment to see a naturopathic physician.

At just 27 years old, Beth was battling a severe case of chronic fatigue syndrome, stage III adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and a number of food intolerances. Little by little she has regained her health back with the help of natural supplements, a real-food diet, and even the anti-viral drug, valacyclovir, for her high Epstein-Barr viral load.

This journey has taught Beth more than the value and effectiveness of natural and alternative medicine. It has made her not only a more compassionate pharmacist, but a better one. This experience drives Beth to educate patients, colleagues, and friends on the benefit of integrating both natural and conventional medicine to improve quality of life.

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