Lisa Berman

Lisa Berman is an internationally-known expert in Bach Flower Therapy and Naturopathic Medicine. Her emphasis is on psychosomatic counseling, transformative health-coaching, and “spiritual midwifery” for moments of change, transformation and healing. Her over 35 thirty-five years’ experience spans 20 years in Berlin/Germany and since 2003 in the US.

Her expertise in both preventative medicine and natural integrative care are distilled into the understanding that disease, illness, and emotional imbalances are pointers from our Soul, to help realign the body-mind-spirit entity as one. Her soul-based approach is simple yet profoundly transformational as it translates symptoms into a self-empowered path towards health and inner peace.

She is passionate about Bach Flower Essences as a gentle yet powerful way to shift mental and emotional blocks, such as fear, worry, anger, or indecision, and help reconnect with ones’ joy, peace and purpose in life (

Born in post war Germany, Lisa Berman was intrigued by the way suffering and past wounds affected people’s health and well-being. Her interest in health and peace on a global level, led her to study Peace Sciences. She is a certified Systemic Mediator, a Certified Facilitator of Compassionate Listening, and she co-facilitates with her husband programs that promote peace (

Lisa Berman is the author of two books: “Your Body Reveals – Awaken to Your Truth” and “108 Ways – Enlighten Your Day.”

Courses by Lisa Berman