Leslie Nicholas ND

Leslie Nicholas practiced naturopathic medicine for over 25 years, having graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon licensure and full prescribing authority enabled Dr. Nicholas to practice as a primary care physician in various clinical settings, but her favorite position was serving as an assistant professor for NUNM, leading teaching shifts in community clinics throughout Portland. She is most proud of piloting the first Transgender Medicine teaching shift at NUNM’s Main Clinic in 2012 until her departure in 2014.

Additionally, Dr. Nicholas helped the LGBTQ community as a volunteer at Portland’s Outside In TransClinic, and at Mercy and Wisdom Community Clinic.

After moving back to her home state of Michigan in 2016, Leslie enrolled in more intensive training regarding LGBTQ diversity and cultural humility awareness. She began teaching medical students, doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists how to remove barriers and welcome the underserved LGBTQ community into their offices, and ultimately into their care.

Leslie splits her time between her home base in Pontiac, and visiting her partner in Kentucky. Her two dogs, Milo and Fergus, go with her everywhere.

Courses by Leslie Nicholas ND